Dark fantasy with a healthy dose of science and horror

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Dean Lappi is the author of THE ALEPH NULL CHRONICLES dark fantasy series that blends sexuality, science, and horror into the traditional fantasy genre. He created a world populated with characters that live and breathe,

and love and hurt.

They face trials anyone can understand but in a fantastical world of mathematics-based magic, monsters out of your worst nightmares, sword masters who aren’t human, giants, and a race of people who can affect time itself.

Enter the amazing world of


About the Author

Dean Lappi was born and raised on the Minnesota Iron Range. He earned a Master of Arts degree in English and has worked for some of the largest corporations in the world. He loves every aspect of the publishing process, including writing his novels, creating his book covers, designing and building his website, and everything else that goes into the writing business. Dean is also a professional book reviewer for the Book Review Crew at Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, where he reviews new releases in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror genres. Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BookReviewCrew/

He is married to an amazing woman named Erica, who also has a Master of Arts degree in English and is his book editor. They love to travel and have lived in some fun places. York, England was one of their favorites where they had an apartment that was very close to the 2000-year-old city wall where ancient Romans, Vikings, and Britons once walked as they guarded the city. They now live in the greater Chicago area.

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